The 5th Global Virtual Reality Conference Gathered Global Technology Leaders via VR

The 5th Global Virtual Reality Conference (GVRC) was successfully held online from May 17-18, 2020. The conference were jointly hosted by China Mobile, Shanghai Jinqiao Development Zone, Shanghai Network Audio-visual Association, Shanghai Digital Content Industry Promotion Centre and GVRC Organising Committee. With the theme of "5G: Future and Innovation, VR Economy and Globalisation", the conference was held in the cloud for the first time in a full panoramic virtual manner, creating a 360º full-scene digital exhibition environment and truly bringing VR into reality.

With the theme of 5G & VR, the conference invited more than 60 industry leaders from 10 countries around the world to immerse into a shared virtual space, including experts, scholars, and guests speakers from leading companies, such as Cameron, Huawei, HTC, ZTE, iQiyi, OVA and General Electric and so on. Each guest was represented by an avatar and delivered keynote speeches and dialogues as though present in person. A wide range of far-reaching round-table dialogues, industrial negotiations and talks were held based on 5G & VR content, terminals, technology, investment and other relevant fields, bringing a series of fruitful brainstorming session.

Ms. Mei He, Founder & Director of Wailian Group was invited to attend this conference and as a leading tech-investor on 5G innovation, delivered a keynote speech on " New Business Opportunities In Times Of 5G" in the session of " 5G & VR Industry Trends and Development in Tech Investment".

Ms. Mei He, is not only the Founder & Director of Wailian Group, but also the Founder of The National Youth Orchestra of China (NYO-China). As a successful female entrepreneur, Ms. Mei He has been paying close attention to innovation, tech companies and cutting-edge technologies, especially Industrial upgrading and application scenarios based on 5G technology support. Currently, under her leadership, Wailian Group have already made global strategic business deployments, built international business bridges, and has been constantly exploring technology integration, such as 5G for the flourish of international investment and overseas services.

As the expert on investing in innovation industries, Ms. Mei He was represented by an avatar and delivered a keynote speech about the future trends and the driving forces of 5G technology. As what she mentioned, after driving the industry value-chain of the terminal and system via consumer electronics, 5G will boost the development of IoT and more types of terminals and systems, which means the industrial upgrading of various sectors is ready to take off. With the development of 5G and IoT, the industrial applications of VR & AR, will experience a massive upsurge, market demands and industrial applications are making robust progress, and the strategic window of VR industry is open.

"5G will take the industrial upgrading in various sectors to the next level, and the possibilities are endless. From the perspective of global investment, investing in the entire 5G ecosystem is worthy of investors' attention. As a serial entrepreneur and investor, I am very optimistic about the future and development of the 5G. In the future, I am willing to invest more in the relevant areas, especially the area of 5G acceleration. Meanwhile, I am also really eager to explore and work with you, either in the aspect of talents pool or technology." Ms. Mei He said.

Furthermore, Ms. Mei He discussed, the COVID-19 pandemic is fuelling the growth of the stay-at-home economy, which speeds up adoption of video streaming and online education, and contributes to more inclusive access; in this case, the demand of upgrading network infrastructure and using 5G are more obvious. During the speech, Ms. Mei He appealed to tech entrepreneurs and engineers on and off to pay attention to the cross-border integration of quality education, art education and 5G technology, as well as the scenario-based learning in the online teaching.

Ms. Mei He closed her speech with a summary, 2020 will be the year of opportunities for the explosive growth of 5G; and she believe that driven by the common demands from consumption upgrading, industry transformations, technological integration and economic development, the development of 5G in China will reach consensus from differences, which will without doubt inject new vitality in the whole society, please let's seize the great opportunity presented by the times.

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